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victory over sexual sin

by Steven Drago on 12/02/11

 As long you continue to engage in biblestudy and prayer and engage in a lifestyle that consists of eating organic food plus exercise with resistance training Jesus will bless you and keep you, and the LORD will make His face shine upon you the LORD will lift up HIS continence upon you and give you peace now and forever Amen.  Now as of March 16, 2015, with faith and trust Meditation time has been built up to the point using the blessings of sleep aphelia audio meditation is between 16 to 20 hours and this webpage is at tit'a best ever for Jesus and soon will include sermons translated from audio to text using Voice translation software. here is safe place for you to pour out your heart to Jesus and leave your email so we can walk hand in hand even if we are separated one from an another and read the book at the altar of sexual Idolatry.  also, the grace of God is strong, and we do not want to look up girl's skirts and dresses, this coupled with My healed spirit, it is so simple to just sit quietly and look out the window, and reveal Jesus flowing through me with HIS peace, so praise God on March 31, 2015.The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with you all Amen. 

Progress report March 31, 2016. I wish to recomend the following books. 1) At the altar of Sexual Idolatry by Steve Gallager and wild at heart which are now located on the site navigation menu somewhere in the 100+ range your ca purchese them in eBook form at a very low price and now our study time is increasing towards 3 complete times and does include reading. there in alist of Ellen G White books listed on My personal Testemony located on the upper right side next to the link buttons tah can shed some light on the greater light so continue to pray and if you need prayer support you know where to go God bless.

January 26, 2017, my life is under consatant attack, but the Lord is my guide. the life of Jesus is increasing, both study and prayer are combined hoping that the Lord will live out that word, but the threat is the viable outside world both the church and society. I hope this year I will achieve ordination as an internet pastor prophet with the ability of discerning of spirit. after that amass 4 billion $ in faith-based income and loose 198 lbs. please pray about this. amen   

May 06, 2017, I have been, molesting this body for 37 years and now I have victory. God has chosen to generate love and discipline almost all of it comes from God only as I read and put into practice the audio/ visual material that forms the basis of Jesus revelation, and this is the love of God so how is your faith friends let me know Amen.


January 31, 2018, anger is almost gone and at 60 I am learning the facts of life to counter all the times my private parts were touched. I have a new computer and two tablets one is broken the other is bigger I still need prayer.

February 27, 2020, sexual immorality is still here at 62 but I have lost 86.4 home life is stable and good we have maintained a clean house and body and my study and prayer life is at a all-time high. sorry for the last entry about where I was touched, I can be to graphic at times because I deal with more than sin but mental illness to 4 to be precise. please continue to lift me up using biblical prayer God bless.  

November 3, 2022, Masturbation might be defeated at last, but the victory is only 4 days I brook faith and ended a 90+ srtreak but now prayer is at the highest level ever but the rest is still a plague and need prayer to defeat please claim every passege the LORD gives you and pass it on through the guestbook  i beg you so i ca use the word of God to set others free to. God bless you My brothers and suisters in Christ.

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the key to salvation is to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ everything else will fail due to the sins others commit. the enemy is the controlling factor over human nature and apart from God in Jesus Christ and every Audio/Visual aid  that constitute God Grace we will be dominated by the demonic/human nonbiblical focus, and for the last 19 years  the forces of light and holiness has waged a successful battle to reclaim this life. now with My new freedom in Christ I can speak out at last and shed fear and cowardliness put them aside. Iis attend up to 2  groups of people who are Adventist.My home church in Sacramento and our little church plant sponsored by that church and I will attend Redwood camp meeting and these groups are being attacked like me but through over 60000 hours of meditation Jesus is winning and prayer has never been higher to rescue from enemy harm, so if you need prayer support check out the guest boxes and life up the 3 church groups and leave redwood to me the get together will be from . only and I look forward to a great time  so may the Lord bless you and keep you. the lord make HIS face shine upon you and give you peace forever. the LORD be gracious to you. the lord life his face toward you and give you peace forever in Jesus name AMEN. PS I hole no grudge toward any of these 3 groups I pray for them and Jesus loves them and I will live for Jesus and them to the end.I have never had such a god life with Jesus and the others as I do now 10/09/22. our father has chosen to discipline me one on one and fill My life with enough of HIS Spirit so others would not know how powerful the enemy forces are and leave the bulk of the evil in My apartment in Davis California. now in 2022 most of the inner demons are gone and peace reigns. and when all people whiteness the difference every good hearted person will seek for that freedom God wishes to give and the evil will oppose it and loose. listen in time I will create extra pages so there will be an equal amount of material so every page will load onto the internet perfectly.   .