Prayer is the exact revelation of Jesus christ : the top five subjects are
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Prayer is the exact revelation of Jesus christ

by Steven Drago on 11/27/11

March 16, 2015.  Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ Our LORD. May His Praise be on your lips from Palm's 104-106,111-113,115-117,135,146-150. as of today, prayer and praise echo from My lips and biblical pray is a permanent part of My life, as a member of the kingdom of heaven, and the 7th day Adventist church. In fact, Psalm 7,26,35,43,45 as well as Isaiah 43:26, and Isaiah 54:17 is My victory over the enemy of God & man. also, Luke 10:19, Roman's 16:20, Hebrews 2:14,15. Revelation 12:11-17, Jeremiah 31:16,17, Zechariah 3, Psalm 51, Colossians 3, 1st John 3, as well as other. if you ever need the grace of God, you can learn How to rule with God's grace view the YouTube video's, the ones on the upper right would be of particular interest, the bible will teach you about prayer and a total lifestyle built on health reform at we-mar colleges in Auburn California the Champion's guest referral program. I can establish a faith-based income based on the power of prayer and weight loss. if  I refer you to the program and your convicted by the quality of life written down using the bible and the writing of Ellen G. White and as long as you are within a short distance from their school  where is hospital is or if you respond yourself by checking out the webpage and mention My name Steven Drago, as a member of the referral program, this month it would net me $1000 next month for everyone who wants the best life on earth and open the way to the next life where no death or pain will be,But here is the true reason. the LORD has granted Me the top revelation based all the pain from 4365 attacks from brain damage, and now the evil inside the 7th day Adventist church. but with it is accomplishments in diet and exercise with the weight watcher's and In Yolo county located in the Norther California area Sutter option's for success weight Loss management, both are not to learn diet but a total lifestyle of right living, and Jesus is glorified, and the use of the brain quest educational flash cards through 7th grade and two branches of My local church family, a little group forming a church in My home town and the Woodside SDA church in If your heart is touch by this testimony here is the information you need. The telephone number 530-422-7986 Beth Cullinan or P.O box 486 20601 w. paoli Lane Wiemar CA 95736 and may the LORD bless you and keep you. take care, God bless.

Progress report March 31, 2016. Prayer has gone to a whole new Level. where lift up over 800+ people and soon and the Woodside SDA Church on 3300 eastern Ave of Whitney and off Watt Ave our new telephone directory will include everyone over 200 members plus unbaptized people from infants to elderly need prayer. in the small group that meet at the pole line road Baptist church we have a small number of people from a handful to 20. one of the young people sometimes produces a prayer list a lot of the people are members of woodside where love is, but my mind is under attack always and with My sin and multiple forms of mental illness does make it hard, but I am being released and as of January 26, 2017, the revelation of prayer is at the top. ' But as of 8:38 PM I am writing this out alone in My apartment after disconnecting the phone but now were reconnected and every spelling error is reversed. if you need prayer contact through the guestbooks using the guestbook for the current day. God bless you.

May 06, 2017. prayer is an offensive weapon in the hand of every believer and anybody who has Jesus live out this life cannot be empty. in my life that is few and far between. there is so much rebellion that kind of Jesus' revelation is so week and empty going from a mountain top experience to being at the bottom of Death Valley. Iver the next two monthes I hope to show a life so good people will come to be lifted up because of total revival and reformation. It would help if the faith of Jesus in you and your requests will spur me on to good works. Like the book of Ruth shows the kingdom of God is built on a package deal when you choose God you get His children to and on two other things an accomplished fact and an ongoing process the fact is the atoning death of Jesus and then the ongoing process is that the Spirit brings into you the life Of Jesus Christ so more power to you Amen.

January 31, 2018, on top of reading gen 1-7 and other passage's chapters and books I am directed to pray the whole book of Psalms Proverbs  Ecc and the song of Solomon above and beyond all the rest we will see God Bless you.

February 27, 2020, I am still reading brain quest all 11 card packs pairs plus 27 prayer cards and to prayer books before I recite the underlined statements from the 44 books I study from. the prayer time is over 3 hours. and I need reading glasses now at 62 my eyes are not what they used to be. there are a number of bible passages marked in read I meditate on to. 

November 3, 2022, sorry for the long delay there has been a lot of interference but now we are free to team up and serve God and our fellow man with prayer and praise. at this time, we pray for 5 hours ad usig biblical prayer book to make up for the non-existent prayer life to give structure and direction and hope I will achieve convergence in prayer and the total use of the leadership skill in which prayer is the biggest factor. please ask for help and test this life and if your problem in beyond the scope of My ministry we will find a way se you out there.

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the key to salvation is to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ everything else will fail due to the sins others commit. the enemy is the controlling factor over human nature and apart from God in Jesus Christ and every Audio/Visual aid  that constitute God Grace we will be dominated by the demonic/human nonbiblical focus, and for the last 19 years  the forces of light and holiness has waged a successful battle to reclaim this life. now with My new freedom in Christ I can speak out at last and shed fear and cowardliness put them aside. Iis attend up to 2  groups of people who are Adventist.My home church in Sacramento and our little church plant sponsored by that church and I will attend Redwood camp meeting and these groups are being attacked like me but through over 60000 hours of meditation Jesus is winning and prayer has never been higher to rescue from enemy harm, so if you need prayer support check out the guest boxes and life up the 3 church groups and leave redwood to me the get together will be from . only and I look forward to a great time  so may the Lord bless you and keep you. the lord make HIS face shine upon you and give you peace forever. the LORD be gracious to you. the lord life his face toward you and give you peace forever in Jesus name AMEN. PS I hole no grudge toward any of these 3 groups I pray for them and Jesus loves them and I will live for Jesus and them to the end.I have never had such a god life with Jesus and the others as I do now 10/09/22. our father has chosen to discipline me one on one and fill My life with enough of HIS Spirit so others would not know how powerful the enemy forces are and leave the bulk of the evil in My apartment in Davis California. now in 2022 most of the inner demons are gone and peace reigns. and when all people whiteness the difference every good hearted person will seek for that freedom God wishes to give and the evil will oppose it and loose. listen in time I will create extra pages so there will be an equal amount of material so every page will load onto the internet perfectly.   .