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Diet & Exercise

by Steven Drago on 12/02/11

March 16, 2015. You have been impressed to be here whatever the reason greetings in the name or our loving LORD Jesus Christ. my weight is below 290 today, and we will wait until I weigh inn at My Tuesday Morning Weight Watcher Meeting at the odd fellow's temple on 2nd Street in town of Davis, in Yolo County, located in the Northern California, near Sacramento. over the last 17 Jesus has gained My trust by exposing both of us to this fallen world in fact with the body of Christ part of the Adventist church world community the pressure within the local churches specific names withheld because they are not the enemy the fallen foe is and His confusing mind is at work to destroy as many people as he can and force our 3 loving creator's to watch them loose their live in flame's but not with my lord. even my life apart from my real family began with brain damage and 4365 attacks' twice a day it was only by God's grace He told me your' entire family line was almost all of them were My offspring over 51% or more an the direct family tree of Jesus in Matthew was the first. and on and on after His departure in 31 AD. I only remember these people My Mother Margret Drago who lived and died in Petaluma Ca, her brother Jack Driscoll who died to while i still live these 25 years in Davis. My full brother to he died last year, and Mary cornet a catholic nun who lived in Marin County San Rafael in the 1960's. between 16 to 20 hours of audio meditation and lots of prayer this body is placed under subjection to the the Rule and Law of GOD. even though based on the the non-existent quote which this replaces a lifestyle built on organic Vegan food and exercise with strength resistance training is the best way to achieve the ultimate revelation of God's grace inn this life and prepare for service in the life to come. if this long statement touches your heart check this out, if you with 2 hours driving of  Wiemar and wish to live by a biblical stranded and since I am Adventist Ellen G. white to call Beth Cullinan at 530-422- 7986 or write to P.O Box 468 / 20601 w. Paoli Lane Wiemar Ca 95736 or visit the webpage and as a member of the Champion's guest referral program, I can obtain a faith-based income if only people are touched by God;s grace and you have seen it in a small way I can obtain a faith-based income and as each check come's in I will give half of it back to you. consider this if 1 million were to be won by faith this would be 1/2 billion $ for God, only a life built on the word could see this and a body so impenetrable to disease could win such and the big bang death inflicted by the fallen foe would be worth it to see so much life saved, only a man of God and a true son would want to suffer so much so, as God to release you from your pain and give your human death and spiritual darkness to him, but I am willing to receive you human death and Jesus will replace you human vertical nature and I can take the rest. as you know men and woman are 2 sides of the same coin otherwise people could not change sides without the other so even you ladies can ask Jesus to give up this to convict you to except His vertical spirit thus the faith-based income will vault the servant to greater depths of perfection and pain until the whole world is convicted, none of this is for selfish gain. now the tradition of the book wild at heart, now friend it's your turn venture forth with God, remember don't ask what the world need's because what the world needs, are men who have come alive. last but not least Isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against you shall prosper: and every tongue raised against you in judgement, you will condemn. this is the heritage of the Senvents of the LORD. and Their vindication is from Me declares the LORD. Take care, God bless.

Progress report March 31, 2016. the battle of weight is still hot and heavy, but thanks to My new payee and the power of Gods program will and is being made the last 3-month session of the program sutter options for success the bottom fell out last Tuesday, but after 2 days of receiving the power of God were on track. My new payee does not hurt as well so keep me in your prayers. My plan is to pocket $35 for weekly food and $60 will transfer into savings leaving just enough to pay bills and barely keep the account open more power to us all. God bless.

January 26, 2017, my weight for the last year has bounced between 280 and 350 and according to My family practice doctor wants My bmi to be 20 and according to almost every webpage is between 144 and 139. I ask you to lift me up and write me using the guestbook for the current day. in particular as I read through my current maternal ask for a double portion of the spirit thank you.

May 06, 2017, I hope over the next 11 weeks My weight will drop from 345 to 230 and i will be able to sit on the lawn chairs of MY best camp meeting family friends so emotional and maternal and receive the first of many checks from the newstart program in the amount of $75000 well I'll let you now tommorow is the first of these 11 weeks Pray please.

January 31, 2018, the weight is under 350 but the word of God is strong with the book of Psalms taking the lead as well as many quotes from the New Testament. I hope to inform you at least once every week or month. God bless.

February 27, 2020, good news friends the weight has gone down but between the time of my last entry and now I gained 11.4 and now I have lost 86.4 and am at 275 but the exercise portion is not what it should be. I am part of WW which use to be called weight watchers and this last week earned my 75-pound award.  whch ended this weight loss happened because I had cancer and needed to undergo radiation therapy which ended in September 12, 2019, and had a profound effect my appetite. well, I need exercise wisdom so please pray for me and God bless P.S look and what 3 hours of praying can do. 

November 3, 2022, my weight has taken a turn for the worse and is at 339 but now uder divine control sorry for the long delay am now eating vegetable with supernatural help and doing weight training to build Muscles and lose weight. I am a pastor connected to weight watcher's ad am mentoring to those people with prayer and am praying for them and others.  in the 7th day adventist church. I will keep in touch once every month. TATA for now.

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the key to salvation is to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ everything else will fail due to the sins others commit. the enemy is the controlling factor over human nature and apart from God in Jesus Christ and every Audio/Visual aid  that constitute God Grace we will be dominated by the demonic/human nonbiblical focus, and for the last 19 years  the forces of light and holiness has waged a successful battle to reclaim this life. now with My new freedom in Christ I can speak out at last and shed fear and cowardliness put them aside. Iis attend up to 2  groups of people who are Adventist.My home church in Sacramento and our little church plant sponsored by that church and I will attend Redwood camp meeting and these groups are being attacked like me but through over 60000 hours of meditation Jesus is winning and prayer has never been higher to rescue from enemy harm, so if you need prayer support check out the guest boxes and life up the 3 church groups and leave redwood to me the get together will be from . only and I look forward to a great time  so may the Lord bless you and keep you. the lord make HIS face shine upon you and give you peace forever. the LORD be gracious to you. the lord life his face toward you and give you peace forever in Jesus name AMEN. PS I hole no grudge toward any of these 3 groups I pray for them and Jesus loves them and I will live for Jesus and them to the end.I have never had such a god life with Jesus and the others as I do now 10/09/22. our father has chosen to discipline me one on one and fill My life with enough of HIS Spirit so others would not know how powerful the enemy forces are and leave the bulk of the evil in My apartment in Davis California. now in 2022 most of the inner demons are gone and peace reigns. and when all people whiteness the difference every good hearted person will seek for that freedom God wishes to give and the evil will oppose it and loose. listen in time I will create extra pages so there will be an equal amount of material so every page will load onto the internet perfectly.   .