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The battle of $ victory

by Steven Drago on 12/02/11

March 16, 2015, The last time this post was being written I said I did not have victory, well I do not to a point. beginning with January tithes and offerings began in a balanced way. with the help of the Lord and My 1/2 brother's wife Cindy in Davis California in Yolo County, in the Northern California Area, I only receive $1000 of My $1200 right now, $100 is Tithe, 3 was offering and $5 was missions, and $5 was Sabbath School expense, thus that month came to an end. in February the tithe is the same, but the offering's, Sabbath school expense went up $1 without a hitch. and now in March tithe is $100, offerings are $5, and missions & Sabbath school expense is $7, plus this month the 13th Sabbath will come and will give $18 the sum of all 3 SS expense part these three months and every non tithe will increase $1 dollar each month, until the full income is restored then they will go up $2 a month. with God Grace one other form income will be established. through the New start program connected to the Adventist health Collage in Auburn the Champion's Guest referral program a faith based income will grow, let me explain.Our Father wishes to demonstrate the Cross of Calvary By building this body up with Him and thus will have an impact on this body and as it becomes healthier, Jesus will place More stress and violence and later disease and pain until the total potential of the crosses Horizontal suffering is given and whatever income I'll receive from the newstart program's champion's guest referral program is given this servant will become stronger In Jesus, let HIM take the sin. this is how the cross can be seen, and the yelling, and believe Me it will come can you except Jesus then or would you reject His Loving My apartment Horizontal accomplishments are coming, like having access to the Brain Quest Module's through 7 grades, and this relates to diet and exercise, another blog on this page so looks at all of them. I promise all will be made well, no greed or selfishness, no human glory Just the Father in Heaven. Now today is March 25 2015 and I can claim victory this month over stolen tithe's and offering, as of this morning tithe and offering will have been returned, at least the last $68, so I can look forward to April, I hope other blessing come for you all to see, and the health message is now listed in the handout for the church service, I am also recommending the following Ellen G. White book, Counsel's on Stewardship which I will start as of March 29 more choice, I choose to advance the amount of $ given to each Church offering, and the 2 Sabbath school offerings to $10 and leave the special ones to the Lord in April So Take care, God bless.

Progress report March 31, 2016. due to a death in My family My IHSS care giver is now payee and is even harder to get along with, but Elizabeth is a solder of Jesus and prayer will win Her over. so far I will exit march with $141+ to take into April, but diet is still ruff, but this webpage is neat now that I have a grid to align everything and the site navigation links are all full of one of a kind links to meet every need that we have for you, and do recommend please, but remember I am God's son and I still worship in the 7th Day Adventist Church and will continue to take that side forever. keep on praying.

January 26, 2017, last year our Tithe's and offering have attained to a level never before achieved over $1200 was returned and for the last 2 month's $200 has bee kept in My combined account it might go down in January, but I believe final victory will be accomplished this year, but I do not know if billions can come in. 

May 06, 2017, over the last 3 monthes at least $200 have been retained in my two accounts at chase and now I have 2 accounts at Banner bank as well as 2 green dot gold visa cards and diet is almost secured, and I hope by the time July rolls around my weight is close to 230 I am 345 well we will see. Give God praise Amen. 


January 31, 2018, God impressed me to give $10 three times one to acquire a bag of cement to build a church two to feed a family of four and three give a lime tree. I hope in time I will be directed to get all the parts to build a church and feed 30 families of four and give a lime grove total $950 or whatever the LORD directs/ 

February 27, 2020, it's been two years since giving $10 3 times to Adra. my only victory is that tithes and offerings will have been given for the 2nd month in a row. I need prayer to have $ wisdom to save up for redwood camp meeting and to fix my broken printer and replace my broken computer monitor. I will attempt to keep you updated once every month.  

November 3, 2022, since 2021 I have been returning tithes and offerings for good, but I made   a promise to return double and tripple tithe which I am not ready to do oly 10% right now and my bank accout is good over $200 total is in chase bank ad I am reeiving the correct maount from My payee right now so keep this life in prayer claiming every bible text you can to bring in jesus God bless you all my brother and sisters in Christ.

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the key to salvation is to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ everything else will fail due to the sins others commit. the enemy is the controlling factor over human nature and apart from God in Jesus Christ and every Audio/Visual aid  that constitute God Grace we will be dominated by the demonic/human nonbiblical focus, and for the last 19 years  the forces of light and holiness has waged a successful battle to reclaim this life. now with My new freedom in Christ I can speak out at last and shed fear and cowardliness put them aside. Iis attend up to 2  groups of people who are Adventist.My home church in Sacramento and our little church plant sponsored by that church and I will attend Redwood camp meeting and these groups are being attacked like me but through over 60000 hours of meditation Jesus is winning and prayer has never been higher to rescue from enemy harm, so if you need prayer support check out the guest boxes and life up the 3 church groups and leave redwood to me the get together will be from . only and I look forward to a great time  so may the Lord bless you and keep you. the lord make HIS face shine upon you and give you peace forever. the LORD be gracious to you. the lord life his face toward you and give you peace forever in Jesus name AMEN. PS I hole no grudge toward any of these 3 groups I pray for them and Jesus loves them and I will live for Jesus and them to the end.I have never had such a god life with Jesus and the others as I do now 10/09/22. our father has chosen to discipline me one on one and fill My life with enough of HIS Spirit so others would not know how powerful the enemy forces are and leave the bulk of the evil in My apartment in Davis California. now in 2022 most of the inner demons are gone and peace reigns. and when all people whiteness the difference every good hearted person will seek for that freedom God wishes to give and the evil will oppose it and loose. listen in time I will create extra pages so there will be an equal amount of material so every page will load onto the internet perfectly.   .