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the battle is over food

by Steven Drago on 12/02/11

March 16 2015. Praise the Lord! praise God in His Sanctuary: Praise Him in His mighty expanse.Praise Him for His Mighty Deed's: Praise Him according to His excellent greatness. Praise Him with trumpet sound: Praise Him with Harp and Lyre. Praise Him with Timbrel and dancing: Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe. Praise Him with Loud cymbals: Praise Him with resounding cymbals. let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. As for the last 30 weeks I have been witnessing to My local Weight watcher Group in Davis California ,and  for 22 weeks to two group's of people like Me ,who want to loose weight and keep it off, not with diet but adapt a total lifestyle of eating right with exercise and strength resistance training and now this servant of Jesus is about to drop below 290 LBS, on our way to 139 LBS. How did Jesus do it, well over the last 17 year's, the Lord has Expose but the Jesus presence through the Holy Spirit with M,e to a cursed world of pain and suffering, just listen to to death that tried to claim me the first 6 year's of my life.I suffered 4256 grand maul epileptic attack's twice a day the only reason I was spared was that this year the The Lord informed me, My whole family tree was dominated 51% or more By Him and I am the end of the Line, and the first 1/2 of that line was the family tree of JESUS. after that the only ones I could remember was My Mother, Margaret Drago, Jack Driscoll Her Brother and My other ante Mary Coronet a Catholic nun Dean Jonasen My 1/2 brother told me they all prayed for me and it bring's tears of Joy right now. I wish to offer this paraphrased prayer for you consisting of Isaiah 43:26 / 54:17 / Psalm 26. I pray that______ will put you inn remembrance, with the Life of you father  given to us as the Life of JESUS CHRIST ___________  and you will argue your case together. __________ will state His or Her case and be proven right. Furthermore no weapon formed against_______ will prosper: and every tongue that accuses__________ in judgement_________ will condemn. this is the heritage of the servant_________ of the LORD. and_________ vindication is of You the LORD. So  Vindicate__________ for__________ walks in(His/Her) integrity, and__________ trusted in You without wavering. Examine__________O LORD and try ___________. test__________mind and__________heart . For your loving kindness is before__________eyes, and have walked in your truth.__________does not sit with deceitful men, nor will_________go with pretender's._________ hate's the assembly of evildoer's,and will not sit with the wicked,__________will wash(His/HHer) hands in innocence, and will go about your alter, O, Lord,and may proclaim with thanksgiving and declare all Your wonder's.Lord_________love's the habitation of Your house and the place where Our glory dwell's. Do not take_________ soul away along with sinner's nor_________life with men of bloodshed, in who's hand's are a wicked scheme, and who's right hand's are full of bribe's. But as for_________ (He/She) will walk in (His/Her) integrity. Redeem_________and be gracious to__________. __________ foot stand's in a level place. in the congregation's__________ will bless the lord. one last progress report, the dist group I attend on Tuesday afternoon is over, but I will go over the book and perfect the lessons that have been given, tonight will be a good time to sing in the church choir and praise the LORD during midweek renewal Amen.

Progress report March 31 2016. It has been 4 months since December and My weight is still in the 330+ range and I have developed Sciatica, but I have a IHSS caregiver who loves me and disciplines me, as well as 3 Adventist Churches who check me out on a regular basis. the game plan for April is to take out $35 for weekly food and transfer $25 each Wednesday and $35 on Friday to keep as little money in checking so as God will I should be handling My full income by the end of the month so pray My beloved Brothers 7 sisters. God bless.

January 26 2017 I need prayer because food is one of the last strongholds but connected to this is $ and I believe this hear these to strongholds will fall.

May 06 2017 over the last 4 month's my weight has gone up and down from 318 to 355 and need much prayer, but I believe the last stronghold is gone and we will see how fast my weight can be reduced below 300 by the time redwood camp meeting begins in July Please pray Amen. 

January 31 2018 My weight was 348.6 I hope as I quote the word of God my diet and exercise and money management is under divine control.

February 27 2020 My weight is 275 I have lost 86.4 lbs. the only drawback is that I do not walk enough to earn 100 fit points on the WW webpage.  

November 3, 2022, diet is now under divine control and with commpassion and love and self-control we eat 10 servings of vegetable every day for the last 2 days and will keep on this note every day fit points do not exist the current weight Watchers system is better the personal oints system is tayler made to each person and the zoom workshops are great I am getting my $ worth and prayer is another big element to without it all is lost and I remain the pig in heart now it is smooth sailing. take care my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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1. Ray Alford said on 8/29/12 - 08:11PM
Bro Steven, There is mindset which pervades those trying to lose weight and that is to "diet." IT is the wrong approach. It does not work. It is proven to fail for many reasons. What DOES work is to back yourself out of the quagmire you got yourself in, through the same means by which you arrived; one small step at a time~! I've dubbed the process, "REPLACEMENT THERAPY" It is a matter of choice then for those sincere about living, to select a few of the "roughest" edges in their lifestyle, (food selections) and replace them with healthy alternatives. Sugar is replaced with honey. Bovine milk with Almond milk. Ice cream with frozen bannanas. Butter with Patrick's butter, or olive oil. Like that~! If you are a flesh eater, then you NEED to be informed and totally disgusted with it all. Let me know, and I'll get you some DVD's to cure that problem at once~! No kidding~! Then, once you have made any progress whatsoever in the above process, it will strengthen your resolve to make further steps. Of course, prayer is essential, as always. Just imagine, Steve, how effective your testimony will be for those in similar condition regarding the steps you took to reclaim the good health, which the Lord endowed you with while in your youth~! Beside that, there is a wealth of good which will rise from attaining victory over bad health habits. We are commanded by the Creator God to keep our vessels pure, and our minds sharp. How can we live up to that command when we poison ourselves on a daily basis? What will be the verdict handed to us in the great sealing time, when the sealing angel examines the cases of those who are unwilling to sacrifice such a small thing for God's cause? Will they be excused? As Adventists, knowing the Spirit of Prophecy, we know the answer to that. Let's apply what we know, and succeed~! Victory is OURS~! IT's just one step at a time away~! God bless this reading, and may God bless you dearly, my brother, Steven. R

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the key to salvation is to maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ everything else will fail due to the sins others commit. the enemy is the controlling factor over human nature and apart from God in Jesus Christ and every Audio/Visual aid  that constitute God Grace we will be dominated by the demonic/human nonbiblical focus, and for the last 19 years  the forces of light and holiness has waged a successful battle to reclaim this life. now with My new freedom in Christ I can speak out at last and shed fear and cowardliness put them aside. Iis attend up to 2  groups of people who are Adventist.My home church in Sacramento and our little church plant sponsored by that church and I will attend Redwood camp meeting and these groups are being attacked like me but through over 60000 hours of meditation Jesus is winning and prayer has never been higher to rescue from enemy harm, so if you need prayer support check out the guest boxes and life up the 3 church groups and leave redwood to me the get together will be from . only and I look forward to a great time  so may the Lord bless you and keep you. the lord make HIS face shine upon you and give you peace forever. the LORD be gracious to you. the lord life his face toward you and give you peace forever in Jesus name AMEN. PS I hole no grudge toward any of these 3 groups I pray for them and Jesus loves them and I will live for Jesus and them to the end.I have never had such a god life with Jesus and the others as I do now 10/09/22. our father has chosen to discipline me one on one and fill My life with enough of HIS Spirit so others would not know how powerful the enemy forces are and leave the bulk of the evil in My apartment in Davis California. now in 2022 most of the inner demons are gone and peace reigns. and when all people whiteness the difference every good hearted person will seek for that freedom God wishes to give and the evil will oppose it and loose. listen in time I will create extra pages so there will be an equal amount of material so every page will load onto the internet perfectly.   .